Contributing Guide#

Here are some basic instructions for local development setup and contributing to the project.

Setup & Commands#

To setup local development, Poetry and Python 3.7+ are required. Python can be installed using Pyenv or normal installation from binary source. To install poetry, follow the official guideline (

Then, in the repository directory, run the following to install all optional backend dependencies and dev dependencies:

$ poetry install -E all

Some shortcuts are included for some common development tasks, using nox:

  • Run tests with: nox -e test

  • To run tests with coverage: nox -e cover

  • Format & check for lint error: nox -e lint

  • To run linting for every commit, run: pre-commit install


Documentation is generated using Sphinx and published on To build this documentation locally:

poetry install -E docs
nox -e docs

Guideline & Notes#

We have GitHub Action CICD to do the checking, testing and publishing work. So, there are few small notes when making Pull Request:

  • All existing tests must pass (Of course!)

  • Reduction in Coverage shall result in failure. (below 98% is not accepted)

  • When you are making bug fixes, or adding more features, remember to bump the version number in pyproject.toml. The number should follow semantic-versioning rules


Planned features:

  • A rate limit may reset on a fixed schedule, eg: every first-day of a month

  • Sometimes, we may need to apply specific rate-limiting strategies based on schedules/region or some other metrics. It requires the capability to switch the strategies instantly without re-deploying the whole service.

    • Reference: